Sami Summary

Ant season just started, I found out. I woke up today to see the little bastards running around the dirty dishes in my kitchen sink. Guess it's time to keep up on my dishes.

Ron and I found out that it's actually difficult to break TV screens. We took a load of concrete, dirt and assorted junk to the dump on Saturday, where a few TVs were hanging out - waiting for us. So we chucked large rocks and chunks of concrete at the screens. And they wouldn't break. It took on average 15 good shots to break a screen. I bet the TV sitting in my room would shatter if I threw a sock at it though. Sunday we tried to go mountain biking and saw my frame had a crack in the paint. Well, I thought it was paint, turned out my swing arm has a crack in it. Which wouldn't be too great for biking hard, I'd rather not walk out from a ride.

Last night after climbing I did some bench to work out some stuff. About 2 months ago I would struggle with 135 lbs (2 45 plates and the bar.) Then somehow it jumped up to 185 (45s with 25s - almost looks cool.) Last night I tried out 225 (45s 35s and 10s as my gym doesn't have 4 plates) and actually squeeked out one on my own. I think it took about 30 seconds to do one rep, but it counts. It's strange because when I was lifting after college I would work out all the time and never got one rep of 225 in, and I thought I was pretty strong. So now I'm drinking beer and eating pizza almost every night and can do it. I had a beer last night to celebrate. I'll be sure to have one tomorrow when the soreness kicks in.