Snow and Precipitation Reports

One of my projects from work has been moved into the real world and is ready for use. I work at a climate center that has climate data for the Western US. The most popular data is precipitation and snow water equivalent (how much water is in the snow).
My program is replacing a static report that shows the precipitation and snow water equivalent for certain areas in the country. One of the problems was the data could change and the static reports would then become out of date. The new program gets the most current data instead. There are six different reports now, instead of the original one. You can compare the current snow levels to the average, the peak average or to another year. I think it's pretty nifty, especially if you're into winter sports and want to know the current snow levels. There is a special report you can run that is tailored to skiing - "Ski West Report" (it will take around 10 seconds).
Here is the entry page to the reporting program.