City of Rocks First Trip

For the long weekend we (Ingrid, me, Ron, Angel, Dan Little, Cyndi and her dude) went over to City of Rocks in Idaho. The weather was perfect with low 80s and light winds. Everyone had a great time (except Cyndi who got heat exhaustion - she's ok now.) We got in good climbs on all days (though never enough). I had my first fall outside on a thin climb Castle Keep (5.8). We all agreed that the ratings were a bit stiff, maybe 1 or 2 grades. It seemed like none of them were sustained but the hardest move was at least a grade harder than listed. Or we are wimps. The van did pretty well on the way there and back. While there the left rear wheel was making bad noises so Ingrid spent an hour repacking the bearings. Noise begone. I helped by not touching the van and eating Ritz. On our last full day we hiked out to Site 18 and decided to ignore (which is close to ignorance?) the incoming thunderstorm. After 2 climbs and the sight of lightning above the chains we decided to hightail it back to the van. Ingrid saw a rattlesnake on the path back. We were going to use it for food like Bear but it was too wet to start a fire.

Day 1

Day 2