Halloween: Beer, Axe Fights, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Women in my bed

I had a Halloween Costume Party at my house on Friday. I was Paul Bunyan and was pretty psyched about walking around with an axe all night. But after my tally got past 5 on the beer cup, I left the axe alone.

We had such guests as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jesus and his old man God. Also had another Paul Bunyan (we had an axe fight after I chopped down an Ent.) Daisy Duke and May West were there. Along with a Salmon, a Ninja, some Pirates, Romans, Middle Age Zorro, Tooth Fairy and others. It got hazy pretty early.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster and God had a duel. I think it's obvious who won. The loser had to eat Kitty Litter Cake.

I was told I had the Tooth Fairy, May West and the Mermaid taking special pictures in my bedroom. I wasn't around for that but I'm supposed to be getting them for Christmas. Maybe sooner?

I even had the Viking drive over my beautiful potato and onion garden. Apparently when Paul Buynan threw potatos at the Mermaid it was time to show what's what. My neighbors must love me with trucks driving on my yard, axe fights and a Religous War happening inside.