Illumination Rock

I left work early to hike up to Illumination Rock and get in some photos and camping. I lucked out with great weather and views. A few guides were already there with a group, practicing for a summit bid. A pair of skiers came through camp and played around on the saddle, lending themselves to more good photos. I opted out of night shots as it wasn't getting dark until late and I thought it wise to get sleep instead.
I woke up early in order to get back to town for work, only to see a near white out. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I was unable to see down the mountain with visibility at around 20 feet. I took out my map and compass, realizing I should take a navigation course. Luckily the tracks from the previous day were still usable and I followed them down to the top of the Palmer where it was visible again.
It was great to get out for just a quick hike and camp. I had my fastest time to the top of the Palmer - 1:20, which was a nice result. The views from Illumination Rock are excellent and I think my next route will be up Castle Crags, it looks fairly mellow with cool features.

Panoramic Photos