Krugers Cyclocross II

We did the 2nd race at Krugers, this time the course was reversed. This was Karen's first time and she now shall be hooked.

On the first lap of the mens race some dude got clipped and went down on his head. Jeremy went over his bars and crashed as well. The guy was unconsious and breathing funny with a pool of blood by his head. He rolled himself over and we tried to hold him down and keep his head from moving until the medics could get there. After the medics got him boarded and going we all went back to the start line for a 2nd start. Jeremy was out as his bike was hosed.

The second start was much better and no one got taken out. Well, Keevin's rear tire flatted so he had to bail around the 4th lap. It was harder today as it was so hot and dry. My times were about 20-30 seconds faster than the previous week.