Lantau Island Ramblings

On Friday I took the ferry over to Lantau Island to have a look see at the world's largest Buddha statue. The ferry took me to Mui Wo (or Silvermine Bay) where I hopped on a bus that took the windy roads up to Ngong Ping, where the Buddha lives.

The Buddha was outside of the new Po Lin Monastery. I did a quick tour, just going up the stairs to the Buddha, walking around a bit and walking to the monastery. After looking at incense, I hopped back on the bus and went back to the ferry and to Hong Kong.

That night Moo and I went out for drinks with some friends of his. Then we met up with Fausto (Alex's brother) and more of Moo's friends for some dinner in Central. The food was really quite good. We had pork (of course), fried jelly fish (a little odd), chicken and chiles and awesome won ton soup.

After that the three of us went to this exclusive bar called Drop. To get there, we walked down a little alley to a bouncer behind a velvet rope. Moo was on his cell phone, making business deals and such, he didn't even slow down, he just whipped out his official Drop membership card and we were in. We walked through a velvet curtain and down some stairs into the bar. As soon as we were in the waitresses were all over Moo. "Oh HI Jason!" "We miss you!" "Here's your table, Jason."

We sat down and Moo ordered us pineapple martinis. I was a bit skeptical, but they sure were good. After a few we didn't even notice the alcohol. We hung out for a while as Moo and Fausto talked business and other stuff I didn't quite get. After gracing the rich and the beautiful with our presence, it was time for us to move on. We hit a few more bars before calling it a night and stumbling back to Moo's apartment.