MS Ride

Ingrid and I went down to Monmouth Oregon to partake in the MS Ride. We were invited onto the Point B team, which was very cool. Everyone on our team and in the whole ride was super friendly and genuine. The first day was the "longer" day, with 30, 60, 90 and 100 mile courses. We did our own hybrid 30/60 mile ride ending with 40 miles. The course was really nice, great markings showing you turns and excellent roads with very little traffic. That night we were pretty tired and went to bed as soon as the finish line music ended. The second day was the "shorter" day with 35 and 50 mile courses. We did the 35 mile ride with Ingrid's friend Heidi and her man. The course was great again, though with a headwind for the first half. Which meant we had a tail wind for the second half of the ride, allowing us to get in consistent speeds of 24mph. We banged the 35 miles out in just over 2 hours. It was a fun weekend, meeting new people and getting in good rides. I think we'll head back next year.