Mt. Adams with Marc


Marc has been wanting to go up Mt. Adams for a while and we were able to find a free day for both of us and headed up. It was a little cooler than last weeks climb but I was cognisant of the slushfest so I had us get up at 2:30 for an early start. As it was dark when we left I accidentily took the summer route - as opposed to the winter route from last year. Enough snow had melted that I couldn't recognize last weeks route. No matter, we made good time to the bottom of the snow with perfect weather.

Marc got to try out some crampon and axe work as we found a few alternative ways to get up a few of the hills. We stopped for some grub and water at Lunch Counter before heading up more.

Just below Pikers Peak Marc realized he reached his fun limit and called it. This is good as he was still enjoying it but pushing through would've probably made it a shitty experience. He told me I should go to the summit and he could just hang out. As we were close to Pikers Peak I just ran up to that so I could get in a full glissade down.


I got back down to where Marc was and showed him ways to keep the speed under control for the tube ride. The snow was still fairly hard but didn't have much speed to it so there was no worry of going too fast. As always it was much nicer to slide down than to hoof it up.

Marc got the hang of the sliding and was able to bust out our plastic sleds for us to make good time down to the dirt. On the way out he decided we should try again next year, maybe after a few Gorge hikes.