Mt. Hood attempt

Keevin was back in town and had a few days before he had to work so I suggested we get in a Mt. Hood climb. Paul from the upcoming Mt. Rainier trip was interested so the three of us packed up our grub and blue bags and headed up to Timberline. It was fairly windy and cloudy so we put on our big boy pants and headed up.
At about 8200' we got above the clouds and were able to see the stars framing Mt. Hood. Keevin pulled up and said he was done as he had just flown from Italy and was beat. It was still uber windy and I asked Paul what he thought and he said something along the lines of 'meh', so we took off the man pants, turned around and stomped down through the fog back to the car. I split our summit cookies between the three of us and we drove back to town through the persistent rain.