Phil's Trail with Sara & Ron

Over the weekend I went over to Bend with my buddies Sara and Ron. We left Portland where it was pouring and soggy outside. As soon as we crossed the Cascades it was sunny with pretty skies. Apparently Bend averages 300 sunny days a year. If they only had some jobs...

We did our riding on Saturday at Phil's Trail, just outside of Bend. We had heard it was the trail to ride so we gave it a shot. It was nice singletrack that weaved through the trees and up the gentle hill.

It was fun riding up the hill and we were pretty psyched for the downhill. At the top of the hill it got steep and we walked a few sections cos we're lazy and the dust was pretty thick. We saw on the map that there was a section called Whoop-de-doos. We weren't sure what it was, but it'd be different than going down the part we just did. A party of bikers passed us and I asked how the trail was. We wondered why it was called "Whoop."

"Lots of potential for air." Ron thought she said "error." Either way she'd be right. The downhill was fairly modest, but the trail whipped through tight sections of trees and over moguls. After the first one, Ron and I were yelling and hollering as we bombed down the whoop-de-doos. The moguls were placed about 10 feet apart so you'd get air on one and have to get ready for the next right away. And then you'd hit a banked curve and do it all over. I'm sure we didn't get over 2 feet of air on each jump, but you add it up and it's pretty sweet.

We booked down the rest of Whoop-de-doos and then hit Ben's trail. It didn't have as many jumps, but it was still dope as we sliced through trees and around curves.

We celebrated the 16 mile ride by hitting the Deschutes Brewery and getting a few beers. And then going back to our campsite for Whiskey Sours, brauts, beer and brownies made in a dutch oven.