I'm reading about strength building in Extreme Alpinism by Mark Twight. His book says (if I read it right) that you need to get warmed up and then do 6 sets of 2 reps of your almost max. This is supposed to increase your neuromuscular pathways and in turn increase your strength but not mass. It takes 9 or so sets of warming up before the set of 6, for a total of 15 sets. As you need to rest the muscles inbetween sets I tried throwing in other lifts or exercises. It also takes close to 1 1/2 hours to get through the lifting. I'm focusing on biceps and lats as I'm not wanting to hurt my shoulder with bench. I'm not doing legs as the gym doesn't have enough weight to do low rep/high weight for legs (serious, I plate the press machine with 1 leg.) This is my second workout like this, but I think I've seen a change already. In the first one I could barely get out 2 curls of 95lbs, but this time I got in 6 sets of 105. Hopefully it's not a fluke and continues. warmup: pullups x8 pushups/pullins on ball x15 curls 45x8, 50x8, 55x8 jumping jacks 1min 1 arm pulldown 50x8, 55x8, 60x8 1/2 ball shuttling 1min curl 65x8, 70x8, 70x8 calf raises x15, x20, x25 1 arm pulldown 65x8, 70x7, 75x5 behind head tricep 40x15, 40x15, 40x15 curl 75x5, 85x4, 95x3 fly on ball 25x15, 30x15, 35x15 1 arm pulldown 80x3, 85x3, 90x3 1 leg press 175x15, 190x15, 205x15 curl 100x2, 105x2, 105x2, 105x2 crunches on ball 1arm pulldown 100x2, 105x2, 105x2, 105x2 1 leg press 220x15, 235x15,250x10 curl 105x2, 105x2 1 arm pulldown 100x2, 110x2 jog 15 min