My weekend

This last weekend seemed to involve drinking and Maalox. I went out with Ron on Friday night to Hawthorne and got some pizza and a beer or two. We were accosted by a petition lady wanting us to sign some deal to get Nader on a ticket. Immediately we started arguing with her about politics and the war. I'm not for the war, not for Dubya and would be for Nader. Except the fact that one of the reasons Bush is in office is people "making a point" and voting for a third party candidate - Nader. I think there is too much at risk to let that happen again. The petition lady told us that we were stifiling the democratic process and was a little beligerant about it. I was being a pain just to be a pain. What got my goat was after she left, the people next to us said to her "Sorry you couldn't convince those guys." I hate it when people apologize for what I've done like that. I'm exercising my right as an American to not sign the petition and vote how I want to. We bailed to get some whiskey sours down the street. If that doesn't make you forget about politics, not much will. Ron and I were joking about who we could "take" at the bar. I figured most everyone in there would be fair game. A biker guy sat next to us and we chatted about travel and Asia. He was a Sergant in the Rangers and the Marines and was a bodyguard for an Admiral. We decided we'd want him on our side in a fight. He looked pretty frickin' tough, nice guy though. On Saturday I decided it was time to get out to the Gorge again and get in a little hike. I went up towards Horsetail Falls and took the little trail up to Devil's Backbone. I had forgotten how steep the trail was. I really think it's 2 feet up for each foot forward. The views from the Backbone are pretty cool, especially when you feel you've earned it. The down was a little more painful, my knees must be getting older. That night I went drinking with my climbing buddies at Henry's on Burnside. It's a pretty trendy place, I felt a little out of place with my shorts and Chacos. They had a very large screen with the Olympics playing and mojitos kept streaming to my table, so it was all good. I was smart and went climbing the next day. No good. I brought in my bottle of Maalox and drank that inbetween attempts to crawl up the walls. After helping Brynne move some stuff to her new apartment (that's larger than my house) I went home and slept. Until going to Faustina's and watching the scariest movie I've seen in like 8 years: Ju-on. This is a Japanese made for TV movie that was freakishly scary. Even in the parts that looked a little cheesy scared the crap out of me. If you need a scary movie, this is it. We had some cranberry vodka drinks to make it easier, but it didn't really help.