Visiting friends

This seems to be the time of friends popping into Portland. Three weeks ago my buddy Sara came into town for a conference and we hung out at my house placing frozen wet towels on our necks to cool off. And of course ate at Stanich's. A few days later my buddy Molly came into Portland for a conference. I took her around town, through the Gorge (where we hiked Triple Falls) and Mt. Hood. While she was in town, Michael was in town for a conference. So we had some beer after work and before I swerved home on my bike before rock climbing (not a good combonation.) Then last Friday my buddy Bethany was in town on vacation from Illinois while her hubby Alex was in Russia. We had some beer in the Pearl while I limped around cos I tweeked my back while lifting a burning car off of a flock of children. Now this week my buddy Apurva and some other friends are going to Vancouver BC and coming through Portland on their way up north. I'm sure no one I know will visit Portland for like two years, but it's been neat to catch up with people. And here is the funniest stuff I've read in a long time. It's humor from this guy named Mitch Hedberg.